Map Regulation

The Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) Tests Introduction


Dear parents and students,

Please be informed that the school will implement the Map test for the students and it will be conducted for grades 7, 8, 9, and 10 in two subjects (English and Math). Students will have the test twice a year at the beginning and the end of the year (fall and spring).

The MAP is a computerized adaptive testing system which is purchased by the school for the students to take the test online.

The MAP test is only choices but the student has to answer all the questions given. He/she can’t skip any question and he/she has to make sure of the answers before he/she press the next button because there is no back button so he/she can’t change the answer after that. The student doesn’t have to answer all the questions correctly but he/she has to do his/her personnel best in the exam. Each student will have his own exam depending on his/her answers. If the student answers the question correctly, the next question will be harder, otherwise, the next question will be easier so each student will have a different test according to his/her responses to each test questions.

The MAP test is designed to measure the student growth in learning for individual students, classrooms, and schools. The test provides accurate and immediate scores to help students evaluate themselves through a comparison between the tests….read more

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